“As you come to him,…you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house…”
1 Peter 2:4-5

The process of Christian growth, as said in this passage, is not as complicated as we make it out to be. Despite all of our programs and endeavors, Peter lays out the simple pre-requisite for growing in our faith.

“Come to him…”

Just come to Christ and you’ll grow. It is because His presence is so powerful and contagious, Christians, with or without them knowing, become more like Christ just by coming to Him. No one who touches Christ ever leaves the same. They always change.

Therefore, we will find that our greatest hindrance to continuous blessedness and growth is in our lack of coming! We are often too busy, too distracted, too prideful, too stubborn, or perhaps we mistakenly think Christ is unapproachable. But either way, we are not coming as we should. What can we possibly gain by doing otherwise? We already know and confess that all of life apart from Christ is vanity (or do we?), yet why don’t we come to him?

He is waiting and always ready for our coming. Whether we are near or far off (read the Prodigal Son story!), Christ is always ready and waiting for our coming. The loving Savior has His arms wide open to His children, for he loves the heart of faith. He rewards all who come to Him, and crowns them with his pleasure. Oh, how great are the joys of those who come to the Lord!

So, can we stir ourselves to come to him every hour in prayer, whether long or short? Or read and search the Scriptures, whether it be a study or a passing verse on a keychain? Can we push ourselves to Christian fellowship, whether it be at in the thick of church or at a small coffee shop?

All Christ asks of us is to come. And to come as we are.