If the Lord delights in us, he will bring us into this land give it to us.

Numbers 14:9

At this juncture, there are two camps in Israel–those who believe God will not deliver them into the promised land, and the few who will.

In the verse above, that is Caleb speaking, one of the few who believe that God will deliver them into the promised land despite the many enemies which currently occupied the land.

I find it fascinating that the difference in perspective between the two camps was whether they knew God’s great delight for them.

Caleb was one who knew that God delighted in his people. Therefore, he could make decisions of faith because it gave strength to his heart. When God’s people don’t know that God delights in them, it will not give them strength to walk forward in life.

We cannot rely just on past experiences of deliverance to keep us walking in the Christian faith. After all, the Israelites just saw the greatest deliverance yet! But how did they manage to find themselves in faithlessness?

Well because they didn’t know that behind God’s deliverance was God’s delight for them.

They didn’t realize that God didn’t just save them from something, but God saved them into something–his great love.

And when we learn that, it gives strength to our hearts, it fuels our faith, it gives us vision for life, it casts out all worry in our spirits. So… do you know that God delights in you?