“Love… does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful”
1 Corinthians 13:5

Lately, I’ve been learning about how easily annoyed I get. More often, I find this to happen around people I’ve known for a long time or with deep friends. It happens when friendships go deep; when the barriers come down; and you find that people aren’t really like you. What then is being annoyed? It’s an agitation that springs from an  uncompliance to ones mannerisms and ways. What’s distinctive about being annoyed is that is has nothing to with morality. You don’t get annoyed at someone because they are sinning against you (most of the time). You get annoyed when people act in a different way than us. In other words, it is an entirely selfish phenomenon. And what does this passage in Corinthians say about it?

It’s not love, that’s for sure.

——side thoughts——

I thought about this in light of the hopes of getting married one day and am again set back upon seeing the depths of selfishness that resides in my heart. If I get annoyed at people, when the longest relationship I can possible have is 22 years (seeing as though I am 22 years old), what shall I do when I have to live with someone for thirty, forty, or fifty years of my life? And expect it to be fruitful to the Lord and his kingdom!

But as it is, my heart is too small now for such a commitment. I would pity her if I had met her today. What a sorry gal to end up with a selfish man like me. And what grace would a selfish man like me need in order to lay down my life for one very deserving godly woman.