“…whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”
Galatians 6:7

The Lord has been convicting me about living a focused life.

I took a look at my daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and asked myself the question- “Does what I do on a daily basis help me accomplish the greatest goals of my life?”

My greatest goals fall somewhere along the lines of loving Jesus, being sharp and knowledgeable in His word, being a man of prayer, loving others, etc…

And if those are my greatest goals, do I actually have them down and penciled in as something to do on a daily basis or do I just wait by the wayside and wait for those things to happen by themselves? The Lord has been showing me the wisdom in being very intentional about sowing these things in my daily agenda in order to reap them generously in my spirit later. Because if I just casually wait for them to happen, they will probably not happen.

He’s been showing me the wisdom in:

Scheduling times of reading the Word and entering the secret place of prayer.
Choosing topics to study in my own learning time.
Intentionally scheduling time spent with people in love and in selflessness.
Scheduling my times of fasting.
Having as little free unguided blocks in my schedule as possible.

Someone shared before that if you schedule it in, you’re much much more likely to do those things if you don’t. People that don’t make a conscious effort to do so will be shocked after a period of time that they haven’t been doing the things they desired to do in the first place.

So, these are my initial thoughts on living a focused life that bears much fruit.