I remember sitting in Sunday school at a church and the speaker was asking us what our goals in our faith were. I also remembered something he said that struck me the wrong way.

He said, “And don’t say something generic like ‘loving God’ or anything like that.”

For him, “loving God” became cliche and therefore and unworthy goal. It was unfortunate because that was exactly the only answer that I was going to give. My goal in growth was only to love Jesus more.

Therein lies a fatal error I believe exists in the Western church. We don’t know how to grow in loving Jesus.

We have mounds of books on how to love our neighbors, how to love our spouses, how to love our children, how to love third-world countries, but lack a framework for growing in love with God.

And so “loving God” has become a generic label we attach everything, not a worthy endeavor in itself. And it is this distinction that I must adamantly disagree with.

I believe that the journey of growing one’s heart, mind, and soul to love Jesus is the greatest endeavor any man or woman can undertake. I believe it is the reason why we were made. I believe that all stories in life are secondary to the love story I am trying to write for Jesus. Of all my achievements in career, in school, in marriage, in relationships, in whatever, for me, I have a simple an undying belief that love is the loftiest of all.

Loving Jesus is my greatest aim in life.

And that is why, Mr. Sunday school teacher, that is my answer to your question.