Lovers outwork workers. 

Those who are motivated to work out of the overflow of love work much better than those who are merely motived by obligation.

And so, lovers of Jesus outwork workers of Jesus. They outwork those who serve Him only out of duty. They work with more perserverance. They do the menial things with more joy. The mundane becomes fascination; not because the things they are doing are fascinating, but because they do it for the One who fascinates them.

Lovers of Jesus will have bigger hearts for Jesus than they do their ministry. They don’t get burnt out. They don’t get weighed down by responsibility. They don’t get discouraged by burdens. On the contrary, they actually grow in their power to do ministry because love is the power for ministry. 

Lovers of Jesus don’t let anything get in the way of their commitment to love Jesus. They don’t compromise their devotion to Him. They dedicate time and resources to loving Him more. The next day offers yet more time to accomplish this. If eternity is going to be spent knowing and loving God fully, lovers of Jesus have a head start. Those who were merely serving Him are missing the boat; they’re missing the ends of ministry; they’re missing Jesus

For those who serve in ministry, learn this lesson well- be a lover of Jesus, not just a worker. 



For Christ’s love compels us…
2 Corinthians 5:14