Her hands were raised.

I was in the car driving somewhere and I had my kids in the back. Typical to what I usually listen to, I was playing worship music.

I play worship music because I want to create an environment of worship in my life and in my family. As I’m driving it was playing “King of Kings” by Hillsong. I stopped at a normal red light, turned around to check on my kids and saw the most unbelievable sight.

Vera was in her car seat, with her eyes closed, with her arms raised, singing and worshiping Jesus!

I was so moved in that moment.

I was moved because it was not something I taught her explicitly. Where did she learn it from? I think because of the environment, the Holy Spirit was moving on her life and she did what was most natural to the human frame–to worship our Maker. God taught her how to worship.

Psalm 8 says “out of the mouths of babies and infants you have ordained praise.”

And in that I took great comfort.

Parenting is a tough tough job. It’s tough because most of people parents feel that we are alone in the daunting task of raising the next generation. We all want to raise the best children, but the task often feels unsurmountable.

But in that moment, I was reminded of something powerful–I’m not parenting alone. For I was reminded that God, my father in heaven is parenting with me.

Even as I do my best to raise up children of righteousness who love God with all their hearts, the weight of this transformation is not solely dependent on me. But rather, God partners with me, moves without me, and builds a temple of worship in my kids apart from me.

In that I take comfort and confidence. I’m not parenting alone. God is working alongside me.

Thank you Father that the weight of parenting is not solely on me and my spouse. That you are in our midst, to the measure that we want, parenting alongside us to raise up oaks of righteousness. Help us to see your hand and finger on our families’ lives so that we can have the comfort that we are never alone.