On Pain and Mission

Jimmy Seibert, the pastor of Antioch Community Church in Waco, TX, shares an amazing testimony from their church and some strong words of exhortation about a life of mission. I just want to share with you all. It reveals a heartbeat of the person that I want to be like and the heartbeat of the people I want to raise up.

Here’s nine minutes of your time to set you on fire:

[audio:https://phillipchan.org/files/jimmyonpain.mp3|titles=On Pain and Mission|artists=Jimmy Seibert”]

Quote of the Clip:

Jimmy telling his team in Afghanistan that they might be persecuted, arrested, and killed if they keep sharing the gospel.

The team member: “Well, he’s worthy. He’s worthy. We didn’t come out here to save our lives, we came to give it.”

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Phil Chan
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