[audio:http://www.phillipchan1.com/audio/So I Sing.mp3]

Here’s a song I wrote and roughly recorded.

This song is based on the passage from Lamentations 3, where Jeremiah writes, “The steadfast love of the never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;”

So I Sing

Every day I know I’m undeserving
and every breath I take I take by your grace
I’ve long outlived my time and my ability
to obey

What to say when one is speaking to his Maker?
When before the God who see all my ways?
I fall to my knees but I suddenly realize that
I’m not done away…

So I sing a new song to You
for your mercies are always new
here I stand so confidently
upon your grace…
that’s why I sing today!

Who are you that you would ever mind me?
for I am from the dust you created now I
suddenly see the difference from my insignificance
to his glory…

Another day I have not extended my stay
I was sure my sin earned my erase but I
see his goodness and his steadfast love for me
I am amazed!

You’ll never give up on me,
You’ll never let me go farther from your reach
Your love will always find me
Your love will always sustain me…