Yesterday I went to see this movie called the 1040 movie by Jeason Ma in Rockford, IL. All I can say is that I was sufficiently rocked.

I witnessed with my eyes the move of the Holy Spirit in Asia and for an hour an a half I was flooded by the Holy Spirit with a mix of joy, of marvel, and of deep conviction. What God is doing in Asia is absolutely astounding me.

I was left with such a great sense of needing to again surrender my life to the purpose of the Holy Spirit.

To be honest, the last few weeks have been pretty dry spiritually. I knew the answer was the filling of the Holy Spirit but I was unsure why I was still so dry. Then I realized something from watching this movie. The Holy Spirit was moving mightily in the people shown in the movie because they were surrendered to the purpose of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

The Holy Spirit was not pleased to fill me because I had other agendas in my heart, other than to do His will. I wanted just the feeling of His presence but still walk out and do my own thing. But I learned that this is not the intention of His filling.

You see, the context of the filling of the Holy Spirit is, yes communion with Jesus Christ, but also equipment to do His will. And so He will not fill us if we are not set on being filled for the purposes of His heart.

And as I sat there with tears rolling down my face, seeing the power of the Holy Ghost rest upon my Asian brethren, the Lord was calling me to surrender my life to the purposes of His will every day.

“What do you want me to do today, Holy Spirit?” “What do you want me to say today, Holy Spirit?” “Who do you want me to be, Holy Spirit?”

are questions God is asking me to ask every day so that all my actions, whether I’m at work, or recreation, or anywhere is done in His good and pleasing will.

Because of watching this movie, I can honestly say it is a huge turning point in my prophetic calling by the Lord to serve Him. To go to California with nothing but the obedience of the Holy Spirit and to do his will for his great glory.


On a less personal note, I exhort everyone to watch this film. It will set your heart on fire for Jesus.

Seriously, watch it. Especially if you are Asian.