Population Dynamics and the World’s Spiritual Atmosphere

Here’s an article that I found fascinating:

Some highlights:

  • The global population is expected to top seven billion in 2011. By 2050, it’s expected to exceed nine billion. By 2100, it’s expected to rise to 10 billion. This grown is expected to be highly uneven geographically. 
  • In developing countries, populations are expected to explode. In Africa alone, the population is expected to grow 1.1 billion, or 49 percent of the global projected growth, by 2050.
  • Towards 2050, the entire developed world is expected to contribute only three percent of the projected global growth.
My questions:
  • I wonder how this will affect the spirituality of the world? Considering that many of the largest Christian movements are occurring now are in developing countries.
  • I wonder how far America’s influence would have dwindled by then?
Thoughts on world implications?

Phil Chan
Phil Chan
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