Then David said, “Here shall be the house of the Lord God and here the altar of burnt offering for Israel.”

1 Chronicles 22:1

In chapters 22-28 of Chronicles, it records how King David, although he could not finish building the house of God in his lifetime by God’s command, made preparations before his successor Solomon would finish the job.

The blueprints of this temple is really cool and convicting to hear about.

The numbers and quick reading don’t do it justice–David had enormous plans for this temple. It would be a place of consistent worship, where offerings of treasures would be kept, and he hired a full-time staff in order to do this.

One of the more surprising staff was this: David planned, budgeted, and hired 4,000 full-time musicians just to keep the musical worship consistently there (1 Chron 23:5).

Can you think of any section in the country currently with 4,000 full-time worship leaders to lift up consistent praise to Jesus? Not much I suppose…

And this was David’s ambition in the ancient world! What was he thinking?

Well.. I suppose that David felt the glory of this place and wanted all things to honor the purpose of this temple–which was a dwelling place for Yahweh. He used infrastructure, logistics, money, and people power to make a place of worship worthy of the name of the God they worshipped.

I think this passage has immense implications about our spatial considerations, be it in our worship services or within the temple of our bodies.