Last night I had a really sweet time of worship with Jesus. It was reminscent of how first grew in my faith when I first asked Jesus to come into my heart. Back in the day, I cultivated a relationship with God in the secret place of my room where I just sang worship songs to Jesus and I remember God’s presence coming into the room so often so faithfully.

You know, one of the coolest things to see is when someone first gives their life to God. There’s this child-like sense of wonder, like having never discovered a world that’s amazing. The most quoted verses in the Bible are like love words that have never been spoken to them. It’s like seeing young love among couples-there’s that sense of amazement that is inspiring. And so their faith inspires my faith.

As I was worshiping last night alone, it dawned upon me that I no longer have a new believer’s faith. Yet as I sat there, pouring my heart before God and enjoying his presence, it is not a young love that I offer him; it is a love of an old soul.

I kept singing “My heart…burns for you. My heart…still burns for you.” 

To offer God, after knowing him for fourteen years, puppy love faith is amazing. So many Christians, so many friends of mine, have gotten jaded along the way. The way they sing to him, they way they speak of him, is no longer as it was when they first met him.

I see the eyes of Jesus and I pray that “God, I want my faith to always be burning. I want a puppy love faith until I die.”

I want to when I’m 50 with kids to not be too busy to sit at Jesus’ feet and to sing of his goodness. I want to, at my deathbed, still to be reading his Words like when I met him decades ago.

Puppy love faith-that’s what I want.

Because He gave it all for me; still I yearn, even at my age, to give it all to him. My heart, my life, my strength, my soul.