I was hanging out my friend Jon Lee the other day and he said something, perhaps in passing, that really caught my attention. He was sharing how he was bothered by how some people change for the worse when they get into relationships. His examples were how guys get “whipped” and they’re no longer “fun”, and they’re… just not themselves anymore.

I began really pondering about it and began seeing how true that is in other relationships that I’ve witnessed.

Have you seen couples that get together and one of them or both of them just takes a nosedive for the worse? Like that dude used to come to church but he doesn’t anymore ever since he hooked up with what’s her face. Or that girl obviously stops talking about Jesus after she got into a relationship.  Of course these are just telltale symptoms indicative of choices made within..

They are just some modern examples of how relationships can often compromise our destiny in God. But keep in mind that we are not short of biblical ones too. I find myself often referring to Solomon when talking to people about relationships. I always point out that Solomon was a great and wise king, but it was his relationships with women that led to his downfall (Key distinction: not women, but his relationships with women).

Those relationships compromised everything he could’ve been if he had not “settled” on these 700+ concubines or wives or what have you. And by settled, I mean that these women obviously led him astray from his relationship with God because their relationships with God were terrible (or flat out didn’t have one!)

And to think how people in our day often compromise who they are and who they could be in order to be in a temporal relationship. The reasons for doing so are plethoric- they’re lonely, they’re afraid of getting old, all of their friends are in relationships, etc…

Whatever the reason, if a relationship with the opposite sex cheapens your potential to be all that God has called you to be and to do, then you are compromising! That relationship is probably not worth it!

That’s all I’m trying to say brothers and sisters.