So I’ve been at this Korean youth conference called Flood LA these past 3 days and I am so grateful to have gone.

My good friend Hannah Lee invited my friend Han Man and I just to come and support them in prayer and in intercession, but boy, I am left with having done and experienced so much more.

It is interesting that I’m here because this very week around this time of year, I should have been in Lake Geneva in Wisconsin being a counselor at a retreat called Teen Camp, had I not moved to California 2 months ago. So in a sense, I just felt like the Lord compensated for my missing being there by allowing me to be here on the other side of the country doing a simliar thing.

Most of my joy has been just praying for kids during the ministry time. It’s been so cool just walking around and seeing kids that the Lord highlighted to me, and ministering to them.

“I don’t feel like I have a real relationship with Jesus,” “I’ve been really far off from God,” “I don’t know how to hear from God,” “It’s hard for me to surrender to God,” are some of the issues that the Lord handed to me. And so I would just give them a prophetic word, give them some scriptures, and pray and intercede for them. It was so blessed just to see these kids smile after ministering to them.

This conference was a pretty charismatic conference, which was very cool in some sense. Prophecy, fire of God, Holy Spirit, visions, tongues, and manifestations were common vocabulary used at the retreat. However, there were still many kids who couldn’t connect with God yet in that context or have some strong misunderstandings about what those things are about.

So as a person who grew up as a Bible-loving evangelical conservative Christian, I felt like my small role in serving this body of Christ was a stabilizing and balancing one as I set out to minister to these kids. I’m very joyful when kids are emotionally connecting with Christ and they are getting filled with the Spirit and manifesting his presence, but much of my heart towards these kids is for them to experience God apart from a singular dramatic experience at a retreat.

I earnestly desire for them to have real encounters with God every day long after they have left the conference. I desire that they would be people who are consistently positioned to being filled with the Holy Spirit as they live a life of reading God’s word, praying to Jesus, fasting, and participating in true and authentic fellowship. And I do desire what the speaker desired of them- that they would be ‘love revolutionaries’, telling the world about the amazing and furious love of Jesus Christ.

So with that, I leave Flood LA with more hope in the next generation of believers while fueled and fired up to reach my own for Jesus.

To Jesus be the glory in our lives, in the church, and on the blessed earth he will reign in one day. And thank you for your work at Flood LA 2010!