Here’s a pretty sweet God story of God watching over my scooter and me.

Last week Wednesday, we did a Bible study at work of Psalm 91, and the takeaway from that was that “I need to ask God for protection when I ride my scooter.” So I begin doing so that day.

Thursday, I’m going about my business during lunch time at work, and I’m riding down a street and stop at a red light. All the sudden, this guy also on a scooter rolls up on my right and starts hollering at me. I put up my helmet and I can hear him say, “Hey man, there’s something with your back tire man, it doesn’t look right, you should check it out. I actually own a scooter shop down the road, you should bring it in.” A bit shocked, I reply “Um..okay.”

Trying to dismiss what I thought was just aggressive marketing, I figured I needed to change my oil anyway, I don’t know of any scooter shop in the area, his Yelp reviews seemed positive, so I made an appointment to see him. Monday rolls around and he tells me, “Yah, man, your back tire is really flat. Riding with a flat on a scooter is one of the more dangerous things you can do.” (I’m a new scooter rider, and the tires on the scooter are harder than cars and therefore imperceptibly difficult to tell).

It turns out that the tire pressure on my car was like ~20 psi below what it should’ve been yielding it a pretty dangerous tire.

Okay now pause. This is when I’m flipping out:

What are the chances that someone, at a 20 second red light, would holler at me about my back tire? Okay, not just anybody, but a scooter shop owner, on the very street I’m taking my lunch at? And honestly, there’s probably not another scooter shop 20 miles from here. 

This is totally God answering my prayer for protection.

So he fixes my tire, and other things, and I offer to pray for him, which is cool.

Okay, now the next time I go to the shop, I tell him this revelation of God’s protection and he begins telling me his side of the story..

“You know actually I saw you twice Phil. I saw you going one way and I thought to myself ‘that guy’s tire is messed up.’ but you were driving away-it was too late. Then 40 minutes later, I couldn’t believe it, you drove by again. And this time I’m on my scooter. Something within my compelled me to go chase after you to tell you this. I’ve never done this before.

You were going pretty quick and I was a light behind. I knew that if I didn’t go past this light you would’ve been gone. So I run the red light. Now mind you, I don’t have my helmet on which is something I never do. I finally finally catch up to you to tell you. I don’t know what got into me but something told me to chase after you.”

So my mind is pretty blown again because I see the hand of God in all of this. So I offer to pray for him again and he’s like “Man I really want to get into a Bible study or something man, do you have anything?”

Now, what’s crazy is that at this current point in time, Esther and I are thinking about starting a life group in this neighborhood. And I’ve just been praying and praying about it.  And this guy is soo hungry for Bible study.

Now all the sudden, I wonder if we have our first new member who’s from the neighborhood!

Praise God!

Takeaway: If God tells you to do something after reading the Bible, do it. And God will show up.