Keep a close watch on yourself…

1 Timothy 4:16

I find that the greatest battles I face in life are those internal, those regarding my character and my personal standing before Jesus.

I find that I can have the greatest victories in ministry, but if I lose the battle of my character, I lose the war.

I feel as if one of the few things I can be accountable for before Jesus one day is not the fruit of my ministry, but the fruit of my life. That means living righteously, living with integrity, living with humility before God and before others.

I find that in the course of my life, Satan’s greatest knocks against me haven’t been against my ministries, they’ve been against me personally. He has a personal vendetta against me.

Fighting my ministry is fighting the branches, fighting me is like fighting the roots.

And so I must fight to be righteous and holy before Jesus.

Holy Spirit, help me to live righteously and blamelessly before You.