“And Jesus said to [Simon and Andrew], ‘Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.’ And immediately they left their nets and followed him.’”
Mark 1:17

Just like that.

Jesus walked up to them and asked them to follow him and they did, immediately. I didn’t notice the disturbance of the call that Jesus gave until just recently.

What I had noticed was that Jesus had basically pretty much invaded every single part of their lives and then asked them to follow Him.

He had invaded their job.
He invaded their consistent day-to-day security.
He invaded their calculable way of life.
He invaded their family and asked them to leave their father.
He invaded every barrier they had up and asked them to follow him.

It as if someone came into your clean organized bedroom and just started messing things around and tossing things around. You would be immediately offended by someone messing up the order that you had so carefully put together. After all, who has the right to come into your domain and shaking things up? In the same manner, who has the right to invade your life and start uprooting things you had so carefully put together ?

As this passage reveals, Jesus is the answer to that question. You see, just previously Mark had noted that Jesus was proclaiming his message around the towns with a singular theme- “the kingdom of God is at hand…”

And the coming kingdom that Jesus was establishing meant that it would invade every part of people’s lives in light of the One who calls them. The call is that important- for nothing in their normal, everyday life compares to it. Jesus is worthy of such a thing as to trespass our ordered lives and invite us into the kingdom of God.

I find that while the revelation of this passage was enlightening, the application was harder to swallow-

If Jesus invaded our lives today with the call of the kingdom of God, would we drop what we had and follow him instead? If he… asked us to leave our jobs, our schools, our 5 year plans, our families..?

Would we respond correctly to the invasion of the kingdom of God upon our lives?