True worship leaders lead by example.

It is tempting to identify great worship leaders with what they do on stage in front of the congregation, but I now know better.

Without a lifestyle which honors Jesus in every area of our lives, we are but mere music leaders, not worship leaders. 

Worship leading is about leading people around us into the place where we say that Jesus is worthy; that he’s worthy of my affections, my praise, my honor, my highest vocabulary in every and any situation.

Worship leaders, therefore, are not people who have an instrument in their hands. It is those who honor the name of Jesus at their workplace, those who honor Jesus in their families, those who honor Jesus by their obedience–those are the true worship leaders. 

Worship leaders are true when they lead by example. Oh that our music would be an overflow of the endeavor we strive in our own lives–that God would be magnified in all.