I’m reading this book called Practical Wisdom for Pastors I bought maybe a year ago to gain some insight into the life of a servant of God, and let me just tell you something: Every time I read this book, I get really depressed.

It is the most life-sucking book I have ever read. I can feel my spirit being weighed down immediately. This pastor is just sharing these “wisdoms” that I guess are practical, but they are written in a spirit of burdensomeness and joyless responsibility. Chapter after chapter, these insights only give the indication that for many pastors, there is only much to do, and not much to enjoy.

And sadly, if you look into the face of many pastors today, you could probably see it in their eyes that this is a common theme.

God deliver me from this joyless living.

I’m not asking for a fun time being a servant of God. I’m not asking for everything to perfect and easy.

I’m only asking for a life of dynamic love and passion Jesus that His love in me was the power to do ministry. That the most mundane tasks would be full of joy because I was doing it with Jesus. That the greatest problems in my life pale in comparison with the joy of knowing Him more. That of all the accomplishments I can achieve as a servant of God, the one thing I desire the most is to love Him more.

Lord help me to love You more…