I was meeting up with a dear friend of mine for the last time before I left for California yesterday. Unfortunately, my friend doesn’t have a cell phone, and I suddenly realized how I had taken calling people instantaneously for granted.

So we resolved to archaic ways to find each other.

Me: I’m leaving 1p.m. from where I am to where you are.
Greg: I’ll be by the beach.
Me: Which beach?
Greg: The one by this building.
Me: Okay, I’ll find you.

I left at 1p.m. went to the beach and didn’t find him. Rats!

I searched up and down the beach, up and down residential sidewalks, walked back and forth between buildings but didn’t find him. I snuck into his apartment complex (which is 5 blocks away), knocked on his door, and he wasn’t there either.

Flustered and frustrated I finally sat by a bench on a beach and just started reading, apparently giving up. I told myself that if I don’t somehow miraculously find Greg by 2pm I would go home.

I prayed to the Lord, “Lord I know our ways are archaic, but help me find brother Greg.”

I continued reading for a few minutes but suddenly stopped and started walking. I walked down a same road and lo and behold- There is Gregory intersecting my path! It was a perfect intersection! If I left literally a few seconds earlier or later I would not have seen him, as he would be hidden amidst the buildings.

I was overjoyed to see him and told him the story of trying to find him.

He told me he was praying to find me too and randomly felt the need to leave the location where he was at, just like I had.

Hah! Divine appointments!

We thanked the Lord together for bringing us miraculously together and confessed today that we don’t need cell phones; we need the Lord.

The rest of the day was blessed fellowship.