I recognize that it’s been some time since I’ve written and in case you are wondering why I am on hiatus, refer to here.

For those who care, you may be wondering, “What have I been up to?”

Well, here’s a quick snapshot of what my life has been filled with instead of writing:

  • Clearing more space for faithfulness in areas I feel strongly called to. 
    Part of the problem of writing is that it takes quite a bit of energy, time, and focus. Until I can healthily handle more, I feel more at peace about devoting mental energies and time into the people I can see in front of me here in Los Angeles, including discipleship relationships, evangelism, Life Group leading, worship leading, intercession, schoolwork, and other important relationships.
  • I’ve been traveling
    One of the things that this frees me up to do is to travel. I recently came back from a great trip to Tokyo, Japan.
  • I’ve been growing!
    Maybe frequency of posts is indicative of life, maybe not. But rest-assured, I am still growing in my relationship with Jesus. I am more and more in awe of his goodness, his greatness and his worthiness of our lives!

So those are some things that I’ve been doing. Also I’m still tweeting.

I pray that wherever you are in reading this, you will be growing in your love and zeal for Jesus!