I have some unfortunate news.

I began writing in this blog some years ago. And as I have put more time into pushing inspirational posts, thousands of readers from around the world (literally) have visited, commented, and (hopefully) been blessed by my writing.

However, it has come to my attention in the last few months that it has been increasingly difficult to write.

It is not that I am growing in my walk with Jesus–I am falling more in love with him all the more. However, the pressure of writing new content frequently became a greater source of motivation than my passions for writing and communicating.

In other words, I feel more pressure to write just to maintain this blog, than I feel the passions from my walk with God overflowing in a writing medium.

I have mulled over this place for some time and realize what a difficult place this was. Does one keep going on in ministry simply because there has been momentum even when his/her heart is not in it?

For this reason, I feel comfortable in saying that, while I am not giving up The Black Box, I am slowing down the pace at which I write.

I feel much better about writing a few powerful, impactful, and passionately written posts a month than writing 15-20 posts that I’m just rattling off.

I thank everyone for understanding and I hope that this will help us all grow in our love for Jesus.