8am Sunday morning.

My friend Morgan, who was my ride to church on Sunday, texted me and told me she wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t drive me. Mind you, I’m still in bed. I’m just rolling around, still half asleep. I’ll figure out how to get to church somehow…

5 minutes later, my friend Roger, suddenly texts me:

“Do you need a ride to church today?”

Hah! “Nice Lord!” I thought. But then I found out he wasn’t going to the intercession service, but just the regular service. The intercession service is just 45 minutes before the regular one, and I like to show up early to pray with everyone. So I kept his offer in the back of my mind. “Maybe as a last resort, I don’t mind walking all the way to church” I thought.

I put on my contacts, brushed my teeth, and then went to check my email. My AIM is just online, and lo and behold, my friend Jon IM’s me:

“Hey, do you need a ride to church today?”

Haha! I was laughing by that time at the Lord. He was going to the intercession service too! Man, Jesus is so good. He knows all our needs even before we utter a word of prayer!

Praise you Jesus!