Last night I had a dream and am unsure of its meaning.

There was a huge car accident. It was night in an unknown city, but it was not in America. A car with a drunk driver had crashed into a building. It was all the way in and other cars crashed into it as well. It was a terrifying scene, people fled; it was a big mess.

For a reason I am not sure of, this accident elicited a huge response from the Muslims in the area. They were absolutely livid. In the dream, they became demonic-like and glowed red.  Some grew horns, all were overly agitated and were on the verge of violence. I was in the midst of a small army of them in this old building.

Fear grew over me as I saw that they would soon kill me and anybody else. They were gathering weapons and ammunition in this building preparing for an attack. But then, it was revealed to me then in the dream that I had power from God. I was able to become invisible before them when I would say these words over and over “the love of Christ guards me”.

And so instead of death, I chanted “the love of Christ guards me, the love of Christ guards me, the love of Christ guards me,” and I walked in their midst unseen and undetected. I found out that I could walk through walls as well and the power of Christ rested upon me. I made an effort to disrupt their plans and without them seeing, started shifting their weapon pile and moving it around.

I was mixed between a feeling of terror as I walked amongst a violent enemy and a feeling of protection as power from on high guarded me.

Thus was my dream.