Last night I had a dream and I want to write it down before I forget. The dream was long, and most of it was insignificant. It only became really interesting at the end of the dream.

In the dream, I was leaving my condo to go to work. Some people were there and they were wondering why I was running late and all. It was around 1pm in the dream. I remember because I looked at my watch (I usually start work at 12pm). So I finally left and went down the elevator, down 23 stories. As I was exiting the elevator, it dawned upon me that I had forgot to grab something important before going to work, so I needed to go back up. The elevator had already gone back up so I had to wait for it to come back down.

As I was waiting, I pulled out my Bible out of my messenger bag and started reading. As I was standing there reading, a group of Chinese people rushed into the foyer. They were very distinct as they seemed to be in their own world, unaffected by all the people around them. There were maybe 10-15 of them there.

They were so interesting and I couldn’t stop watching them. Suddenly they started gathering in a circle. It was obvious what they were doing; they began praying and worshipping God. I knew at that moment that these were not normal Chinese people- they were Chinese people from China. They didnt’ speak a word of English.

The elevator had come down and people started rushing in and out, trying to push me into the elevator. I couldn’t get my eyes off of them, so I didn’t enter into the elevator in order to stay behind. As they were praying and worshipping, an elderly lady in the group (about 40-50 years) began to sing a song. And as she sang, the group joined her in unison.

They began to sing “It is Well with My Soul,” in Chinese. I knew it was that song because the melody is so distinct. It took me a while to realize it because they were singing it in Chinese. It was revealed to me then that they were singing out of great turmoil and persecution. You could see the sincerity in their faces. They didn’t care who or what was around them, they were totally connected to God at that point. As they continued to sing, they reached the last lines of the first verse, “Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say- It is well, it is well with my soul.” A few of their faces turned to joy as the goodness and faithfuless of God beamed from inside of them.

The entire foyer then began to feel the Holy Spirit moving. I could feel it in my bones, I started getting goosebumps on my skin, I knew that He was here. I noticed that beside the elevators there was an automatic door that I’ve never seen before. Suddenly, the two doors opened wide and a strong wind came in the entire foyer. It was the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I began to get so filled with the Spirit in the dream, but not only in my dream, but in my sleep. As soon as Spirit came in the foyer in full force, I woke up, blessed with His presence.

I knew it was the Holy Spirit because I was wide awake with a lot of energy. I had slept at 4:30 in the morning the night before writing papers. Usually if I don’t get eight hours, I’m very tired and the apartment that I live in, due to all the noise, is notorious for a bad night’s sleep. But as I woke up, I knew that this was not the case. I was not tired at all. I was full of strength and vigor.

I am unsure of what the dream meant, but I am guessing it has to do with the persecuted Christians in China. I shall pray to the Lord for discernment.