“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good…”
Joseph, in Genesis 50:20

Someone has said that you know that you are blessed when everything you touch is blessed. This was particularly true in Joseph’s case. However, it was not as though Joseph had lived a care-free life- his life was marked by repeated injustice and cruelty. Yet in every worse situation he found himself in, God was there to turn his nothing into something.

He was sold as a slave to Potiphar’s house, but God blessed Potiphar’s house in all his possessions and land just because Joseph lived there.

He was unrightfully thrown into prison, but God caused the keeper of the prison to show favor to him and put him in charge of all the other prisoners.

He was abandoned by his 11 brothers at childhood and announced as dead to his father, but one day would be second in command in Egypt.

You see, God has a way of turning things around in ways we cannot imagine. And the very things which we called cursed and unfortunate, God will use those same things to be a blessing instead.

We should not consider our situations with disdain when we feel as if God has abandoned us. Joseph certainly didn’t, Paul certainly didn’t, Jesus certainly didn’t. But we should look at every situation as an opportunity for blessing. For the God who continually makes something from nothing can certainly turn our dark situations into those of light and blessing.