Having grown up in the generation of 9/11, I realized that my attitudes and sentiments towards Muslims have been largely shaped by those of Americans / American-Christians.

And at some point, I had to repent of those things.

I find that Christians in America are generally antagonistic towards Muslims (I know I was). But I think that Christians in America are antagonistic and defensive against them because we fear them. And do you know why we fear them?  I think that we fear them because we don’t understand them.

We don’t understand who they are, what they believe, that their life is like, what they value, how similar they are to Christians, and lastly, how Jesus loves them just as much as he loves us (no soteriological implications). I think after reading how ignorant and uninformed some American Christian comments towards what Islam is and Muslims, it really says a lot about our love towards them (or should I sake, lack thereof).

You see, it’s one thing to not understand something/someone by itself, but it’s another to not understand something/someone and then lambast it. It’s not wrong to be ignorant, it’s wrong to blast something when we are ignorant. It’s wrong because it’s not love. Love is not arrogant or rude. It doesn’t condemn what it doesn’t know.

How can we condemn Muslims without knowing them and say that we love them?