We have a temptation as Christians to be black and white towards Muhammad and Muslims’ attitudes towards him.

We can easily dismiss him as a false prophet, condemn him, lambast him, and criticize Muslim allegiance to him. I understand the inclinations to do so, but I think it’s wise to take care in how we approach our attitudes towards Muhammad.

I think it’s important to know that if we respect Muhammad, it will open up many more Muslim ears. I have found that if you are not careful in how you talk about Muhammad, you will probably incite a Muslims to put all their defensive mechanisms up for any decent conversation. He is not someone you should denounce in front of Muslims because he’s very close to their hearts.

And I think that if any Christian were interested in having Muslims take a second look at Jesus and his supremacy to Muhammad, we might choose the weapon of respect and listening instead of fearful condemnation of their beloved prophet.