God was showing me how dramatic his love is for us recently.

He highlighted to me his acts of power in the gospels. In there, he performs all these miracles, healings, teachings, and radical social interactions not just to demonstrate his power, but his love for his people.

And so when Martha is received she gets touched; when the Centurion’s servant gets healed, he gets touched; when the guy with legions of demons gets delivered, he gets touched by God’s love.

As God’s love is recorded in the scriptures for us, I am drawn to the fact that they are not small acts of love. They’re… dramatic! And in front of crowds! With celebration and rejoicing and praise and songs!

When I see that, I imagine an elated boyfriend who out of the overflow of his heart buys his girlfriend a splendid ornament of roses and flowers. The grandeur of the display is an expression of the giddy-ness in his heart. It’s the way he can communicates his love for her.

And when I read about God in the gospels, I see that same giddy-ness. He utilizes his power to demonstrate, not his arm, but his heart. He’s the greatest lover in the universe and a hopeful romantic. His love is awesome!