And Saul eyed David from that day on.

1 Samuel 18:9

Saul is recorded in the scriptures as one, who after the anointing had left him and passed onto David, turned and became a thorn to David’s side for years and years to come.

As I observed Saul’s life, I observed that the spirit of Saul is still at work today in the church.

I find a strong resemblance between the spirit that Saul operated in and what we call today as a spirit of control.

As Saul saw David’s success, it suddenly threatened his control of the kingdom. It wasn’t David’s fault–he was merely the catalyst which brought those things in Saul’s heart to surface.

As we continue to read, we see how because of David’s mercy and God’s patience, this envy and pursuit of David by Saul would be a long and extended ordeal, prolonging to the bitter end of Saul’s life.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve observed, if we had to write the story of some church’s, I have seen that they might not be as long as Saul’s long story of chasing David. Today’s control-freaks are a little more adept at squashing any activity which threatens their control of their little kingdom.

They shoot down others, they construct systems and policies to ensure that they are in power, and kill their David’s rather quickly.

I hope you don’t have any Saul’s in your church.