I want to be like Jesus so bad.

These days I compare my life to the mirror of the Scriptures and to the character of our Lord and there’s a groaning about my brokenness–how I wish I lived more like Jesus. 

In ministry, it’s so easy to get things out of priority. It’s much easier to teach about Jesus than to actually live like him.

To live our the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle every day–to love our enemies, to respond in the opposite spirit, to bless those we don’t like, to live an absolutely sexually pure life, to love people so deeply and sacrificially, yet be so in tuned with the love of the Father.

I feel so timid in saying what it’s like to be like Jesus. I hear sermons, books, teachings which casually talked about how “Jesus wouldn’t do this,” “Jesus wouldn’t do that,” but I have no such confidence in me right now. The reason being is that I feel miserably distant than the lifestyle he emulated for us. The journey of conforming to the life of Jesus is like treading on holy ground–the further you go, the more you realize how holy this place is and therefore little of a right you have to be here.

But may God’s gracious and empowering Spirit be upon me, to refine me, to teach me, to mold me, and to help me live like the way our Lord Jesus lived in our precious gospels.