Dream Accomplished: How People of Prayer Fulfill God’s Heart

I find that Christians either 1) do not have dreams from God for their life or 2) do not actual fulfill their dreams for God because of one single thing: they do not have a life of prayer.

Without intimate dialogue with God, we’ll never find the purposes in his heart for our lives and the world around us. The mundane jobs and positions in the workplace that God has given his people will always be mundane unless they are fused with purpose given by the Lord of the harvest.

These Christians are oft the most bored and religious of them, robotically carrying on the Christianity of their parents or their peers, but lacking a fire and faith of their own.

We will begin burning with the purposes and passions of God when we start encountering the God of purpose and passion in the place of prayer. We will access those emotions and that drivenness only when we give ourselves to seeking his face and heart.

Secondly, there are Christians who God has graced with grand visions and dreams about their future. Yet they find that their lives do not amount to those dreams because they did not respond to those dreams and visions with a radical lifestyle of prayer.

We need a prayer life because we cannot accomplish God-sized dreams with human power. But with human prayer we can access God-sized power and God-made pathways to those dreams. 

But without a life of prayer, no matter how grand those dreams are from God, they will not be fulfilled.

There’s a difference between dream chasers for God and dream fulfillers for God. And dreams are going to pass us by because we were not faithful watchmen/watchwomen who had the lives of prayer and depth of heart necessary to accomplish those great things.

God will never throw his people in the game of his purposes on earth without seeing the people spending time in the practice of prayer.

Prayer is our heart connecting with the heart of God. It is our weakness connecting with the power of God. It is our limitations connecting with the limitlessness of God. It is the broken world connecting with the love of God.

If you want to be a dream fulfiller for God, you must give yourself to a life of prayer!


Phil Chan
Phil Chan
Phil has been writing for over 15 years. His passion is to help people see God and to live a life that matters.

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