The Three Phases of Persecution

How do Christians end up being persecuted in countries?

There are generally three phases which lead to this.

1. Misinformation

The first is misinformation about Christians. This occurs in media, government communication, and social stigma about who Christians are. For example, in the Middle East, Christians are commonly equated with American or Western ideals, a worldview which many Muslims have aggressive feelings towards. For this reason Islamic leaders condemn Christians on that account in the name of Islam. Another example is that in Russia, Protestants are rumored to be working for the CIA, a potential threat to the country. Misinformation then leads to discrimination.

2. Discrimination

Discrimination is the acting out of that misinformation. This will occur in the public policy level (where Christians will be marginalized), commerce level (where Christians will be at a disadvantage financially), and at a social level (where Christians are rejected in social spheres.

3. Violent Persecution

Discrimination can then lead to persecution, a violent acting out against Christians. Misinformation and discrimination will fuel this in cycles as aggressors will have perpetual reasons and negative sentiments towards Christians.

As these three are being explained, it’s not hard to see where the Devil fits in the picture of all these.

Phil Chan
Phil Chan
Phil has been writing for over 15 years. His passion is to help people see God and to live a life that matters.

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