This marks the first official healing on Fuller campus and at our prayer group that we started that I have personally experienced. I’ll try to be brief in telling this story..

So this guy had a dream a couple of days ago. In the dream, all he saw were bones being pulled apart for some reason. It was very deathly and strange, according to him.

The next day, doing his normal Bible reading, one of three passages just happened to be Ezekiel 37, which if you know, is the only chapter in the Bible which talks about bones and stuff. He was really perplexed at the connection. (that’s a GREAT chapter btw).

Today, because Justin and I invited him to our prayer and worship meeting, he showed up to where we met. He was very shocked when he found out the name of our prayer group at Fuller: LIVE BONES.

And so we had an awesome time of prayer and worship. But towards the end, while talking with Danny about miracles and stuff, he mentioned how one of his legs were longer than the other. I joined in the conversation when I saw him demonstrating how when he stood up, one of his legs had to bend because one of them was longer. It was his most natural position.

And so we offered to pray for him. He hasn’t really thought of needing healing for that, but he acquiesced. A couple of guys came around him and started laying hands on him and prayed the name of Jesus over his leg.

After a few minutes, he stood up, and behold- no more bending! His legs were aligned and even! One of his legs grew out or something!

We ask him how it felt. He said he felt something while we were praying for him, and while he was standing up, it felt really weird for him because his left leg wasn’t bending anymore. I bent over and looked at his knee cap and yup- they were perfectly aligned. No more bending necessary to stand upright.

He was pretty shocked and surprised and tried walking around. We were really joyful and praised the Lord for this cool miracle! It was really cool how he shared his dream right after the healing. It really showed that God knew that he was going to be healed!