Gummy bear vitamins are delicious

But on a dietary level, they serve as only a supplement for nutrition. If one’s diet consisted only of vitamin supplements, they would not live.

In the same way, I feel that marriage serves only as a supplement for personal livelihood.

The real meal of our lives is our personal relationship with God. He is the feast that our souls and hearts are truly longing for. Spending time with him is really the meat and potatoes (or rice, naan, bread i.e. whatever culture you are).

From him we receive true and ultimate strength, direction, affirmation, and life. He is the true Rock and foundation of our hearts. From the gaze of our eyes come our true identity. And from his voice come the affirmation and encouragement we precisely need in any and every moment.

People who want to make marriage the meals for their life are going to be set up for disappointment. No matter how awesome our spouses are, they are just finite and incomplete human beings. We thank God for them, but we do not make them god.

This is why secret to thriving in singleness as well as marriage are the same–have a dynamic life-giving relationship with God.

For us married folks, let’s stop making our spouses the meals of our lives and instead pursue Him who really gives true life. When we do that, only then will marriage be subsumed in its proper context and experience the overflow that comes with our relationship with God.