This is my friend Nathan; he is hearing impaired.

He was sharing some powerful things with me recently that really touched me. He shared how he struggled so hard with being partially deaf in his ears and how it affected his life in significant ways.

After incessant prayer and desiring only that God would allow to him to hear, the Holy Spirit came upon him and knocked him out for 3 hours on the floor.

In that time, he had an incredible encounter with God. Time passed as though it was nothing as he heard God’s voice speak to him.

And this was what was inspired within him:

If you can hear the voice of men, but cannot hear the voice of God, you are deaf.

If you can see others, but cannot see God, you are blind.

If you can walk, but do not walk with God, you are crippled.

From that encounter, Nathan was not physically healed, but he began hearing the voice of God in greater ways. And so while he was deaf, he was no longer deaf.

I think this testimony is amazing..