Do not lift up your horn on high, or speak with a haughty neck

Psalm 75:4

Sometimes I watch the television in amazement.

Celebrity culture is fascinating in that, by means of media and production, it blows up normal people to appear as these larger than life characters to become people who others adore.

The product is that celebrities (often) become people who actually believe that they are more significant than the person sitting next to them. And the people sitting next to them, by trickery of the flash, music, transitions, other production tools, are duped into thinking that they are less significant.

It is a sad reality when normal people take an inch of receiving affirmation and stretch it a mile to hold it over people’s heads. And this is no longer just a commentary on celebrities–it applies in the workplace, in school, in social settings, etc…

Bosses who act like kings, people on your neighborhood block who boast in their nice car, students with infinitesimally higher score than the person next to them. We seem to all find every and any reason, any loophole in our social and economic systems, to be convinced that we are significant by comparing ourselves to others.

I am thankful for this Psalm because it reminds me of this simple truth that nobody is any more or less significant than me. I understand that I have this pretty website with even my own name for its domain. But don’t let it fool you–I’m just a normal person…just like you.

And with that, don’t let anybody fool you.

You are just as significant as the person on the stage, on the screen, in the history books, etc. You are significant because you are made and loved by God. You are significant because you were known before the creation of the world, and no stage, screen, or print will change that fact.