Tonight marked the night when I finally told my dad that I was going to seminary.

To be short, he was not happy. After I explained to him my plans and my intentions, it was clear that he wasn’t going to support me in that decision and urged me to reconsider. He went on about his life and how this was a dumb decision. He continued to shared his disappointments with religion and with the Bible (as he does almost every time we see each other). But this time, he shared his disappointment with me.

However, as I sat there, I knew that my dad and I were not the only ones in the room. The Holy Spirit fell upon me and gave me so much grace in that place. Jesus reassured me of his love for me. I couldn’t help but smile throughout that whole conversation. I have never been so filled with joy while hearing my father’s words of disappointment over my life.

The decision for me is easy.

  • Between my dad and Jesus, I realize that only one opinion matters.
  • Only one of them will hold me accountable on the day of judgment.
  • To only one have I given my entire life to.
  • Only one who knows me perfectly, loves me perfectly, and therefore, guides me perfectly.
  • And for the record, one of them is richer (it’s not my earthly dad!)

And so I drove back home with tears rolling down my face. Tears of joy. Every hole in my heart was overflowing with the love of Christ. There is no comparison to the love of Christ! I worshiped and prayed and gave Jesus a bunch of high fives! I knew in that car ride that Jesus was so proud of my life and loves me as his beloved son. That’s a great feeling…

And so I leave for California with a world of polars in my life.

I’m leaving with few funds, but with treasure awaiting me. From a world of condo-living comforts to budget-apartment living. From the place with all my friends to one where I know no one. With little family support, but with lots of Family support (thanks for your prayers!).

I know that my dad will probably not be there to see me leave at the airport, but I am filled with joy knowing this: my Father will be waiting for me on the other side.

“Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me…
I am confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”
Psalm 27:10,13