There are many things to be said about parenting philosophies. As a Christian, recently I came across this revelation about the goal of parenting that just set the whole thing in perspective:

The goal of parenting is to raise up children who love Jesus with all their hearts, minds, and souls.

Above careers, comfort, destiny, fun, activities, hobbies, school, or anything related to what we should as parents, the major of majors is to raise up children who love God with all their hearts, mind, and the soul.

The greatest thing in the universe is a relationship with God, and so the greatest thing we can impart or attempt to form in our children is a relationship with God.

Granted, the journey of them discovering God and making him their own is a journey that we have limited access to. But as far as it depends on me, to the greatest of my abilities, I want to one day see that all my children love God with all their hearts.

It is the greatest thing I can offer to them for their lives. As a matter of fact it is the greatest thing I can offer them for all of eternity. I do want them to be world-changers, to be successful, to be mature, etc, but above all, I want them to obey the first and the greatest commandment, and so recieve the greatest amount of life.

Yes Lord, help me to raise up children one day with burning hearts.