Although the Muslim world is portrayed and known as a hostile nation to the gospel, the Holy Spirit is still stirring and moving powerful among the Muslims.

Here is an excellent article posted by Charisma Magazine documenting the phenomenon around the globe where Jesus is revealing himself to Muslims in dreams:

When Muslims See Jesus

Some tidbits from my reading:

  • “Today thousands of Muhammad’s followers are having dreams and visions of their own…” those of encountering the person of the Savior Jesus.
  • Omar had been locked up and tortured for years in a jail cell in a nation ruled by a dictator. One night a messenger visited him in a dream, telling him he would be set free. Within days he was released from prison and traveled to America where newfound friends reached out to him. When he was given a book with a picture of Jesus on the cover, his eyes lit up. “I know him,” he said. “He came to me in a dream.”
  • Also, check out for more testimonies
We should be spending time praying for the Muslim world as they constitute a large percetnage of the unreached people groups in the world. I believe that the prayers that are going into that world are resulting in stories like these!
Jesus, release the revelation of Jesus more and more in the Muslim world so that they can know that you love them so much. Amen.