I confessed something to Jesus the other day: I really love technology.

I love beautiful screens, keyboards, apps, OS’s, all things which are becoming increasingly more elegant and pervasive in our culture.

I noticed then how much of the function of my fascination in my spirit was geared towards technological wonders.

I love new products (that will soon be old in a few months); I love holding them, playing with them, and seeing what it can do.

In Psalm 27:4, David cried this prayer to the Lord that stands in contrast to my fascination with technology:


“One thing I have asked…that I may gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.”


I wonder, in the midst of an age where technological wonders will never stop being produced, what in all creation will win the faculty of my fascination? Why is it that I enjoy picking up a touch screen phone more than experiences in the Holy Spirit?

Something about David’s prayer makes me feel like I’m missing out on true beauty–the beauty of God. Yet I frustratingly that my spiritual senses are too dull to behold Him, and my mind is too perpetually distracted by the next notification or the next app to behold the beauty of the God I worship.

Paul the Apostle boasted at the end of his life that he saw heavenly visions which changed his life (2 Cor 12) which he refused to share by virtue of how glorious they were. I wonder at the end of my life, I can say that about my experiences with God? Or will I sadly boast only about my futile fascinations with the next technological innovation.

God, may I be more captivated by the beauty of you than fading beauty such as technology.