To be honest, it is pretty daunting

Recently I’ve been announcing privately and more publicly to people that I’ll be endeavoring to write my first book.

It’s a daunting announcement. Because I’m claiming that I’ll do something that I’ve never done before.

The question is–why?

There are several reasons why I’m writing my first book. Of many I’ll highlight just one:

I really believe its message will change people’s lives.

I don’t really aspire to be author or to develop fandom. As a person who knows they are marching towards their death and longing for something to say to God when I die, the thing that gives me the greatest joy is to empower other people to have something to say to God on that day as well.

I care about people’s eternal fates.

The number one question I get when I tell people I’m writing a book is “what are you writing about?”

To be frank, I’m writing a book about Sabbath.

I understand such a subject doesn’t evoke a sense of excitement than if I were to write a book about how you could make a million dollars. But I believe the message of Sabbath has never been so pertinent and important in our time than now.

In a time of great and increasing tumult in our world (I don’t foresee it becoming “normal” again), I honestly believe the practice of Sabbath for God’s people will be one of the most important practices that will keep us not just alive, but thriving. While the world will be running around like a chicken without their head, it will be God’s people who act in faithful confidence, aware of a God who works beyond what they work for as they rest.

There is so much more to Sabbath than meets the eye, and with every opportunity that I’ve had in life, over dinner or over coffee I’ve tried to urge succinctly to my friends why this is so important yet I’ve never found that the time could afford all I’ve wanted to say. So writing a book was first a way to send a blessing to my friends.

It is a bit hard for me to say because so many people are suffering during this time, but because Esther and I practice Sabbath regularly, we have thrived during quarantine. There is a peace, a joy, a closeness with God, and a confidence that we carry that I recognize that other people don’t. It’s not a boast–it’s a jealousy for others to experience the full power of the practice we give ourselves to.

I believe that this book will legitimately change peoples’ lives.

I believe Sabbath empowers people to actually live more productive and meaningful lives. And that is the urgency that is driving me to write it. I’m writing for your legacy.

So with a humble heart and an impassionaied spirit, I will seek to write my first book ever within the next 6 months. I covet your prayers and invite you on this journey with me. I look forward to providing updates on my Instagram.

Talk to you soon