I’ve been reading the book of Acts, and trying to study what the church in the beginning was like to see if we are up to par. One of the more convicting things that I’ve noticed is the relationship between establish-ness of the church and its effectiveness for ministry.

Allow me to explain…

I don’t think it takes too much to observe that the church of the book of Acts is very different than the church of America today. On the external aspect, notice these things: they didn’t have any money, they didn’t have any structures or buildings, they didn’t have any tax breaks from the government, they weren’t very educated, and they weren’t very professional at all.

In short, at face value, the church in the book of Acts church was the least likely group of people to change society.

But they did.

They didn’t have all those things, but they changed the world. Their lack of these things causes great conviction in me because I wonder as a person who has all those things as “normal” church life, whether those things actually inhibit the mighty move of God. Sure we have a great soundboard and highly educated clergymen, but the book of Acts church had the power of God.

Now I’m sure that none of those things are evil in themselves, but I do believe that an unrenewed mind concerning those things has led the American church astray. In perfect step with American culture, human ingenuity and willpower has defined the church instead of biblical brokenness and surrender.

And I believe that this relationship between material possessions and kingdom effectiveness as exemplified by the book of Acts church points to the waywardness of the American church belief system.