I think it is sin to bore people with God.

I think that people are bored coming to church because we are bored coming to church. In fact, I think this is indicative of our depraved spirituality in America.

It makes absolutely no sense to me why we are often more excited about a touchdown than to be in the presence of God. We show more emotion over getting a great deal on a sale than we do at Jesus’ feet. We sing how great and awesome He is every week and have nothing to show for in how we relate to him. Jesus and church are obligations, the rest of my week is for my enjoyment. How does that make any sense to us?

Were we not made to be fascinated by the One who made us? To behold his beauty? To be awed in character? To go deep in His presence? To drink of the deepest joys available in life every single day?

We need to wake up!

Our materialistic culture is constantly teaching and trying to convince us to be a shallow people. To be a people satisfied with seeing and hearing man-made objects and concepts. We are daily presented with a golden calf, to which we are told to bow down and worship. Okay, so maybe it’s not that obvious, but I assure you that what we spend our time and our energies in will give a great deal of information about what we are fascinated with.

Oh that God would open our hearts to be able to see how glorious and awesome He is. That our spirits would actually come alive! That we would desire His presence and his presence alone!

Wake us up Lord!