Mary Lou Redding on hope..

Our hope in God pulls us into the future. Hope allows us to affirm the reality of the abundant life that is ours in Christ. Hope allows us to stand with those in pain and to hold them until they are able to feel the love of God for themselves again. Hope allows us to work to bring God’s reign upon the earth even when we see no results. Our hope begins and ends in God, the source of all hope.

Mary Lou Redding

I like this quote because I am reminded that hope is the bridge between the goodness of God and the present circumstances as it stands today.

Sure, we read the news and it sucks. We hear stories of people’s pain and suffering and it sucks. We look at our own life and difficulties and, yeah, they suck too.

But hope is what pulls us into another reality. It lifts us from where we are, wherever we are, straight into the heart of God. It is in hoping that we realize that God’s heart is good for us, and that his promises for us are sure. And as Romans 5:5 says, “Hope does not disappoint.”

And to dying world, we are a people of hope for them.