There are two identities in the Scriptures concerning God’s people which seem to be in tension with one another.

The first is that we are royalty. God’s people are the sons and daughters of God, the King of Kings. We belong in the royal courts, the ruling party, the winning kingdom, the highest of all honors. We are exalted and glorified because he lifts us up.

The second is that we are servants. We are the ones that serve others before ourselves. We are those who wash each others’ feet. We exemplify the greatest servant of all, Jesus. We serve the world in absolute and profound humility.

The infusion of those identities makes Christians unique in our world.

We operate with the highest confidence, love, and security, knowing that we belong to the royal courts. But we also operate with the utmost humility and service, knowing that we are also servants.

Successful operation of both identities yields successful ministry to the world.