How you can learn a lot about a person:

…by either giving them immense success or great failure.

When people are comfortable, we know not what lies below the surface. The comfortable life provides ample time to decorate our facades, to mask our pains, and to keep the inner demons at bay. I do not trust a person who has lived a comfortable life their whole lives.

But give a person success or great failure and you will see the exhibit of what the house of their life was built on.

In success, you will see where their values lie. You will see it in what they choose to do with their new power or riches; who they choose to identify with; and what they attribute their success to.

And in failure, you will see who that person calls god. In desperation, everyone calls on a god. In failure, our failures can be god, robbing our attention. Or our drugs to medicate our pain. In failure, we truly see authentic uninhibited worship.

In my life, God has given me both. With power, I have seen the vanity and pride of my heart. And in failure, I have seen the wickedness and my addictive nature exposed in brokenness.

May I be a person who, whether given success or failure, becomes more and more like Jesus.