Heidi Baker, world famous evangelist, author, charismatic, currently serving in Mozanbique writes something phenomenal:

You see, where I live, the poor know they are poor; they know they are sick and hurting; and so they come and give their lives to Jesus by the hundreds every week around the country. But in your nation, your poor do not know they are poor, and your sick do not really know they are sick unless they are dying of a disease and no one can help them. They look confident, and they appear as if they are together. But maybe they are not. So your job is a lot harder than ours.

Heidi Baker, in her book Compelled by Love


When Jesus said, “The well have no need of a doctor,” who was he referring to?

I think when some of us think of “sick” we imagine a physically sickly person, or a beggar, or a stranger. And rightly, they are. But the truth of the matter is that, despite all our physical appearances, we are all sick and in need of a Savior.

And it turns out that those who are physically dressed well are less likely to acknowledge that. So who really is the sick one?