A list of why you should consider dating Phillip Chan:

  • My greatest love is Jesus; you come second. The kids are third.
  • I will not have a great stable income; I’m going to serve Jesus
  • We will not have the nicest things; birds have nests, and foxes have holes, but the Son of man does not have a place to lay his head, and neither will we.
  • We will not pursue the American dream. At all. Period.
  • I do not have a retirement plan nor do I plan on having one. We will serve and work (even for free) until Jesus returns.
  • We will face intense spiritual opposition.
  • Our lives will be in constant observation by others
  • Our relationship will not be based on happiness
  • There is a significant chance that we will be at risk for martyrdom.
  • We will not be popular in the world. We will not be liked by many. Your friends will betray you simply because of the position that you are in.
  • You will be living and waking up with a man who is carrying the weight of people’s souls on his heart.

You have been thoroughly warned.